Green Day and The Coverups ring in the New Year

Green Day & The Coverups ring in the New Year

A small lyric change that anyone who has listened to Green Day in the past 20 years probably didn’t even notice, and certainly wouldn’t have found out of character for the band, has Trump’s MAGA crowd up in arms today.

During ‘American Idiot’, the first of the band’s three pre-taped appearances on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Billie changed a lyric from “I’m not a part of a redneck agenda” to “I’m not a part of a MAGA agenda”…and that surprised and shocked people who apparently don’t know what ‘American Idiot’ is about.

This of coarse led to the band trending on Twitter and the MAGA crowd expressing shock and anger that their, now former, favourite band had expressed a political opinion as opposed to maintaining their previous squeaky clean image.

For everyone else, however, the show continued on with a performance of the equally not political at all American Idiot track, ‘Holiday’. The band returned a short time later in the broadcast for the live debut of their latest single ‘Dilemma’ before closing out the night with two tracks from Dookie, ‘Basket Case and ‘Welcome To Paradise’.

One Eyed Bastard

In other news, a caption from a post on Green Day’s Instagram account seems to indicate ‘One Eyed Bastard’ will be the next Saviors single to be released and it’s coming this week!

2024 the year of Saviors. 18 days until the album is yours. You might want to keep one eye open this week 👁️

Green Day Instagram

The new single will be the fourth so far released from the upcoming album, with the three previous garnering high praise from fans.

The COverups

Meanwhile, The Coverups rang in the New Year in an actual live concert at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles last night. The band tore through 28 songs inviting guests like Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes) and actor Cory Feldman to take turns on vocals. All proceeds from the show were donated to Project Chimps.