Green Day tease 30th anniversary edition of Dookie

Green Day tease 30th anniversary edition of Dookie

In not so many words, Green Day have seemingly confirmed a 30th-anniversary edition of Dookie is being prepped with a post on Twitter that contained only a photo and the hashtag #Dookie30.

This will come as a relief to some fans who were concerned that the anniversary might be forgotten about with their as-yet-untitled new album also due next year. The 20th anniversary for American Idiot also lands in 2024 so it could be an expensive year for Green Day fans.

The big question is what will be contained on the 30th anniversary edition of Dookie and will it be anything we haven’t heard before? If you’ve ventured into our Audio Archive before you’ve no doubt listened to the Dookie demos that contain early versions of several songs on the album, a couple of covers and songs like ‘J.A.R.’ and ‘Haushinka’ that wouldn’t make the cut for Dookie but would be released in the years to come.

The one treat from the Dookie sessions that we know was recorded but has never been released or publicly leaked out is a re-recorded version of ‘Christie Road’ from Kerplunk. Regardless of what we’ve heard before, it will be nice to have it all officially available if they do end up including the demos on the anniversary edition like they did with last year’s deluxe anniversary edition of Nimrod.

We shouldn’t have to wait long for an answer to find out what the set will contain, if the band is teasing it on social media now it seems likely we are just days away from an announcement and pre-orders for the February 1st, 2024 anniversary. Keep checking back here for updates or subscribe to our Instagram and Threads to be notified of our news stories.