Green Day post fourth 1972 teaser

Fourth ‘1972’ teaser video released

One month to the day from the release of the last video teaser for Green Day’s upcoming album or EP expected to be titled 1972, the band finally dropped a fourth teaser on all their social media platforms earlier today.

The new 10 second clip doesn’t provide any more information than we had before, but once again features a song snippet presumably from the forthcoming 1972 release. In the video are brief shots of Billie Joe spray painting a smiley face on a wall interspersed with shots of equipment cases and 1972 imagery. Check out the new video below and watch all the prior teasers on our YouTube channel.

While fans had speculated that some sort of announcement regarding the mystery project would be revealed around Billie Joe’s 50th Birthday on February 17th, the day came and went without any further news on 1972.

With the month-long gap between the 3rd and 4th teasers, it’s getting difficult to even speculate on what the band might be planning at this point, so we’ll just have to wait for any concrete information to be released. Check our Album 14 page for all past news on the project.

Update (Feb 24): Green Day have posted a fifth video tease featuring Billie Joe’s dog Lenny!

In other news, Green Day were announced as one of the headliners of Firefly Festival in Dover, DE on September 24, 2022. You can head over to the Firefly website now and register for the ticket pre-sale.