Billie Joe Armstrong releases cover of 'A New England' for No Fun Mondays

Billie releases a new cover & t-shirt

While Billie Joe is still calling the project ‘No Fun Mondays’, you never know when you’ll actually get a new cover released because as he captioned in his Instagram post “no one knows what day it is anyway”.

Today’s cover is ‘A New England’ originally by Billy Bragg from his 1983 album Life’s A Riot with Spy Vs Spy.

You can check out this and all the previous videos on our No Fun Mondays page or stream all the songs in our Audio Archive.

Along with the new cover, Billie has also released a new t-shirt for his side project The Longshot. The new shirt features his dog Lenny who has made an appearance in a number of Billie’s Instagram live streams.

The shirt will be available on August 7, 2020, but you can head over to the Longshot store and pre-order it now.