Billie Joe Armstrong covers Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric

Billie Joe returns with ‘Whole Wide World’

If you thought Billie’s ‘No Fun Mondays‘ cover project was done for, you weren’t alone. The last release in the project was his cover of ‘Police On My Back’ on July 18th and it’s been radio silence since then.

That all changed this morning with the surprise release of ‘Whole Wide World’, a song originally by Wreckless Eric, which was posted to Green Day’s official Instagram rather than Billie’s own personal profile as he’s done with past covers.

That wasn’t the only change though, the song is at least currently an Amazon Music exclusive, whereas past covers were all available on YouTube.

We have you covered though if you don’t have access to Amazon Music. Just head over to our Audio Archive where you can stream the new cover and all of his past No Fun Mondays covers now!

Update (Sept 7): The song has now been released on YouTube: