21st Century Breakdown Sessions


January, 2008 – April, 2009


Ocean Way Recording (Los Angeles, CA)
Studio 880 (Oakland, CA)
Jet Studios (Newport Beach, CA)
Costa Mesa Studios (Costa Mesa, CA)



Billie Joe – Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Mike Dirnt – Bass, Vocals
Tre Cool – Drums, Percussion
Jason Freese – Piano
Tom Kitt – String Arrangements
Patrick Warren – String Conducting


Producer: Butch Vigg
Engineer: Chris Dugan
Assistant Engineer: Keith Armstrong
Assistant Engineer: Nik Karpen
Assistant Engineer: Wesley Seidman
Additional Engineering: Brad Kobylczak
Additional Engineering: Joe McGrath
Additional Engineering: Andrew Schubert
Additional Engineering: Brad Townshend
Mixing: Chris Lord-Alge
Mastering: Ted Jensen



Key: [O] Officially released | [U] Unofficially released | [X] Unreleased

[O] Song Of The Century
[O] 21st Century Breakdown
[O] Know Your Enemy
[O] ¡Viva la Gloria!
[O] Before The Lobotomy
[O] Christian’s Inferno
[O] Last Night On Earth
[O] East Jesus Nowhere
[O] Peacemaker
[O] Last Of The American Girls
[O] Murder City
[O] ¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)
[O] Restless Heart Syndrome
[O] Horseshoes And Handgrenades
[O] The Static Age
[O] 21 Guns
[O] American Eulogy
[O] See The Light
[X] Wonderful
[X] Drama Queen
[X] Oh Girl *
[X] Olivia *
[X] Dream Catcher *
[O] Like A Rolling Stone [Bob Dylan cover]
[O] That’s Alright [Elvis Preseley cover]
[O] Another State Of Mind [Social Distortion cover]
[O] A Quick One, While He’s Away [The Who cover]

* These unreleased songs were played in soundcheck on the 21st Century Breakdown tour but it’s not officially confirmed that they were studio recorded in these sessions.


Full notes coming soon!

‘Drama Queen’ was included on early review copies of 21st Century Breakdown but was later removed. The song would later be re-recorded in the Uno/Dos/Tre sessions.

The b-sides ‘Lights Out’ & ‘Hearts Collide’ from the ‘Know Your Enemy’ single are not included with this session as they are believed to have been recorded during the Cigarettes And Valentines sessions.

Sources & Credits

Todd – ‘Drama Queen’ note.