Cigarettes & Valentines Sessions


Winter, 2003 – Summer, 2003


Studio 880 (Oakland, CA)


Billie Joe – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Dirnt – Bass, Vocals
Tre Cool – Drums


Producer: Green Day
Engineer: Reto Peter, Chris Dugan
Mixing: Tim James


Key: [O] Officially released | [U] Unofficially released | [X] Unreleased

[X] Waste Away
[X] Sleepyhead
[X] Dropout
[X] Cigarettes & Valentines
[X] Homecoming [See notes]
[O] Too Much Too Soon
[O] Shoplifter [Likely]
[O] Lights Out [Possible]
[O] Hearts Collide [Possible]
[X] Multiple unknown tracks
[X] Horseshoes & Hand Grenades *
[X] The Pedestrian *
[X] Too Young *
[X] Lately (One More Year) *
[X] End Of The World *
[X] Walk Away *
[X] Broadway *

Some (or all) of these songs may have been recorded in the American Idiot sessions


In an interview with Audacy, Billie said that a lot of the parts that would later comprise ‘Homecoming’ on American Idiot were from the C&V sessions.

The songs ‘Waste Away’ and ‘Sleepyhead’ were previously recorded in the Warning sessions. They were confirmed, along with ‘Dropout’, to be included in these sessions in an interview with Mike Dirnt.

‘Cigarettes & Valentines’ is the title track so it was obviously from this session. If there were any doubt, however, the band did confirm it in an interview with NME. The studio version has never been released but it has been performed live and is included on Green Day’s 2011 live album, Awesome As Fuck.

‘Too Much Too Soon’ was confirmed to be from this session in an interview the band did on the radio station Q104.3 on March 28, 2010. The song was released as a b-side to the ‘American Idiot’ single.

We know ‘Shoplifter’ was recorded in this time period and shares the same production credits as ‘Too Much Too Soon’ so it’s likely from these sessions as well. The song was also released as a b-side to the ‘American Idiot’ single.

While ‘Lights Out’ wouldn’t be released as a b-side until it was included on the ‘Know Your Enemy’ single in 2009, we do know it was recorded in this time period. Since the production credits don’t match those of American Idiot, we’re including it here.

As above with ‘Lights Out’, ‘Hearts Collide’ was also a b-side to the ‘Know Your Enemy’ single and the production credits don’t match those of American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown. Unlike ‘Lights Out’ however, we do not have confirmation of what time period it was recorded. Thematically it fits an album called Cigarettes & Valentines though with lyrics such as “You’re the card in my valentine. And the candy hearts in my mind.” At this time, its inclusion here is just a best guess.

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