¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! Sessions


February 14, 2012 – June 26, 2012


Jingletown Studios (Oakland, CA)



Billie Joe – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Dirnt – Bass, Vocals
Tre Cool – Drums
Jason White – Guitar
Rob Cavallo – Keyboards


Producer: Rob Cavallo, Green Day
Engineer: Chris Dugan
Second Engineer: Brad Kobylczak
Additional Engineering: Lee Bothwick
Mixing: Chris Lorde-Alge
Mixing Assistant: Keith Armstrong
Mixing Assistant: Nik Karpen
Mixing Assistant: Andrew Schubert
Mixing Assistant: Brad Townsend
Mastering: Ted Jensen


Key: [O] Officially released | [U] Unofficially released | [X] Unreleased

[O] Nuclear Family
[O] Stay The Night
[O] Carpe Diem
[O] Let Yourself Go
[O] Kill The DJ
[O] Fell For You
[O] Loss Of Control [working title was ‘Crushing Bastards’]
[O] Troublemaker
[O] Angel Blue
[O] Sweet 16
[O] Rusty James [working title was ‘Sodapop Curtis’]
[O] Oh Love
[O] See You Tonight
[O] Fuck Time
[O] Stop When The Red Lights Flash
[O] Lazy Bones
[O] Wild One
[O] Makeout Party
[O] Stray Heart

[O] Ashley
[O] Baby Eyes
[O] Lady Cobra
[O] Nightlife
[O] Wow! That’s Loud
[O] Amy
[O] Brutal Love
[O] Missing You
[O] 8th Avenue Serenade
[O] Drama Queen
[O] X-Kid
[O] Sex, Drugs & Violence
[O] A Little Boy Named Train
[O] Amanda
[O] Walk Away
[O] Dirty Rotten Bastards
[O] 99 Revolutions
[O] The Forgotten


[X] State Of Shock
[X] Baby Blue
[X] Dream Catcher
[X] Hard Times
[X] Gabriella
[X] Hello Firecracker
[X] Ruby Mae
[X] Satellite
[X] Hotfoot Jamboree
[X] Jezebel
[X] Life Is So Plain
[X] I’m Alright
[X] Can’t Believe My Own Eyes


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