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Release Date: Unknown, 2012
Length: 69:05
Label: Reprise Records

Notes: Self-titled greatest hits album released on CD and distributed to radio stations as a promotion only release. It has never been commercially available.


  1. Longview* (Dookie)
  2. Welcome To Paradise (Dookie)
  3. Basket Case (Dookie)
  4. When I Come Around (Dookie)
  5. She (Dookie)
  6. Geek Stink Breath* (Insomniac)
  7. J.A.R. (International Superhits!)
  8. Brain Stew/Jaded* (Insomniac)
  9. Hitchin’ A Ride (Nimrod)
  10. Good Riddance* (Nimrod)
  11. Nice Guys Finish Last* (Nimrod)
  12. Minority* (Warning)
  13. Warning (Warning)
  14. American Idiot* (American idiot)
  15. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams* (American Idiot)
  16. Holiday* (American Idiot)
  17. Wake Me Up When September Ends (American Idiot)
  18. Jesus Of Suburbia* (American Idiot)
  19. St. Jimmy (American Idiot)
  20. Know Your Enemy (21st Century Breakdown)
  21. 21 Guns (21st Century Breakdown)

* Indicates the song version is a clean radio edit.