1,039 smoothed out slappy hours

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Release Date: October 1, 1991
Length: 56:15
Label: Lookout! Records
RIAA Certification: Gold (0.5 Million) – June 28, 1995 (combined sales with 39/Smooth)

Notes: A collection of the Green Day’s previously released EPs – Slappy & 1,000 Hours – along with their first studio album, 39/Smooth.


  1. At The Library (39/Smooth)
  2. Don’t Leave Me (39/Smooth)
  3. I Was There (39/Smooth)
  4. Disappearing Boy (39/Smooth)
  5. Green Day (39/Smooth)
  6. Going To Pasalacqua (39/Smooth)
  7. 16 (39/Smooth)
  8. Road To Acceptance (39/Smooth)
  9. Rest (39/Smooth)
  10. The Judge’s Daughter (39/Smooth)
  11. Paper Lanterns (Slappy EP)
  12. Why Do You Want Him? (Slappy EP)
  13. 409 In Your Coffeemaker (Slappy EP)
  14. Knowledge (Slappy EP)
  15. 1,000 Hours (1,000 Hours EP)
  16. Dry Ice (1,000 Hours EP)
  17. Only Of You (1,000 Hours EP)
  18. The One I Want (1,000 Hours EP)
  19. I Want To Be Alone (The Big One Compilation)

Track Info

19. I Want To Be Alone

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This song is about a time when you just want to be alone and think. The narrator needs to figure out his own thoughts and find salvation in his own conflict. Anyone trying to help him would only make it worse because no one except him knows what’s happening inside his head. He doesn’t want to give any explanations, doesn’t want anyone understanding or helping him, all he needs is to be left alone.

Song meaning courtesy of GreekStinkBreath.net

I lock myself inside my room
I wanna be alone
With you around, you’ll only add on
I wanna be alone
It’s been disturbed by my thoughts
I wanna be alone
With you around, you’ll only add on
I wanna be alone

Please don’t think I’m crazy
I don’t want you to understand
My mind is growing hazy
To hell with your helping hand
Why don’t you just leave me alone?
This conflict is my own
Keep your sources away from me
That’s all