Now open:!

Now open:!

Three months ago, my friend Todd and I began work on building a setlist archive aimed specifically at Green Day and their side projects. After countless hours getting the site set up and adding 2,174 shows, 1,518 venues and documenting 23,970 songs played live – we are finally ready to open the doors officially!

When we decided to build the site, we knew it had to be a better experience than what you would already find at established sites such as To do so, we built the site using software called Songfish, which allowed us to have all the features you’d find on those other sites and more, including – personalized concert stats, more in-depth touring stats, concert posters, cancelled shows and the ability to rate and review shows just to name a few.

I’ll share some of the highlights of what you can find on the site below, but if you’re ready to dig in already – head over to now! As a bonus, any user who creates an account before January 1st and either adds their concerts to a public group or adds a review for a concert will be eligible to win one of four 1,000 Hours t-shirts! Follow us on Threads or Instagram for more information on that in the coming days.

Site tour

This is the list of shows where you can select a setlist to see the stats, it can be sorted by band and year. If you see the Kerplunk flower next to a date, that means the show has been fully verified by our editor Todd using audio or video to confirm all details.

Once you pick a show to check out, you’ll be presented with the setlist, concert poster and a bunch of fun stats. You can also click on any song to view its entire live history. The Biggest Bustout columns will let you know if any rare songs were performed at that show and how long it has been since it was previously played. You can also click the Gap Chart button on any show to see more live stats for the songs performed. In addition, you can add your rating and review of the concert and read other fan reviews.

Next up is the overview of Green Day’s touring history where you can see the top charts for songs, cities and venues played and more. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find graphs showing the number of shows per year the band performed and the unique songs they performed each year. In the dropdown, you’ll find several options to dive deeper into the stats found on this page.

While I’m showing examples using Green Day, these stats are available for all of Green Day’s side projects; including debut charts, yearly summaries, and tour or year specific statistical breakdowns.

Moving on to the feature I think most fans will be most excited about, personalized stats – giving you the ability to track the Green Day shows you’ve attended and run stats on them. Like the touring stats above, when you run your stats you will be presented with a personalized overview. In the dropdown you can dig deeper and find out the rarest songs you’ve seen live, the song debuts you’ve been in attendance for, what songs have been played the most that you’ve never seen live and much more.

There are a lot of stats available on the site and at times it can be daunting trying to figure out where to find them. Not only do we have an advanced search that will let you find out how many times Green Day played American Idiot in August of 2017 on a Friday, (twice), but we also have stats guides for all the bands featured on the site to directly link you to what you’re looking for.

I know that was a bit overwhelming but as you can see there’s a lot you can do with the new site and we’re excited for everyone to finally check it all out. While it’s been a lot of work to get to this point, we are still in the process of adding more information to shows, verifying setlists and adding song lyrics so please keep checking back – it will only get better from here!