Green Day Cover Project Album Release

It was a long road getting here that wasn’t without a few bumps along the way but with this weeks release of ‘Back In The USA’ fans from around the world have worked together to complete a 13 track career spanning Green Day cover album! All song selections and submitted musical contributions (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) were voted on by fans at the r/GreenDay subreddit with the winning selections mixed by a rotation of three very talented volunteers – Nic15, Will Lord-Alge and BeepBeep2.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our coordinator Schmitzerbourg for keeping the project on the rails throughout and especially for the final three songs after our original coordinator, Praesagium, left due to time constraints. Praesagium deserves a lot of credit as well for getting the project started in the first place and laying the groundwork to successfully complete it where similar efforts have failed in the past.

All songs are now available to stream on our cover project page where you can also check out the awesome album artwork created for it by JewishCupcake. We’ll be having a release party for the album this Friday, July 5th, on the Green Day Discord server at 8 pm EST. At this time you’ll also be able to download the entire album for free from Bandcamp in a lossless format and we’ll have it streaming all day on the Green Day Radio channel on the discord. Everyone is welcome so please come by and share your appreciation for all the people who have contributed to this project!