Billie Joe Armstrong in Rolling Stone

Billie Joe reflects on 15 of his classic songs

Billie Joe was the subject of a new interview with Rolling Stone published today where he told the story behind 15 songs he’s written. Among the more interesting tidbits was that he would love to re-record Green Day’s 2000 album Warning.

I’d like to go back and rerecord that album. It was right when Pro Tools started happening. I want to go back and just do everything more live, because I think “Minority” live is a lot better than it came out on the album. But that’s just one of those things that you think about too much.

Billie also spoke about the first single and title track from Father Of All Motherfuckers calling it the “ultimate Green Day song” while adding that he’s “never been more proud of a single before in my life”.

Head on over to the Rolling Stone website to read the full article.

In other news, a new interview with Green Day was posted today by the Radio Rock YouTube channel which you can watch below. Thanks to u/mazza1996 on Reddit for posting it.