Billie confirms work on new Green Day music

Billie Joe confirms work on new Green Day album

The screenshot above is official confirmation from Billie Joe in an Instagram Livestream that he is working on new music for the next Green Day album. While the news itself isn’t surprising given it’s been over two years since Revolution Radio was released in 2016, it’s at least a small relief for fans to get confirmation that the process has begun.

Over the past few months, the band have been teasing fans on Instagram with full album setlists they had played in rehearsal (Dookie & Insomniac) and hinted at a Foxboro Hot Tubs reunion. You can follow along with all the latest news on the next Green Day album as we get it on the Album 13 page.

In other news, Billie Joe is interviewed in episode 10 of the Beyond And Back podcast on Spotify.

We talk about the solitude needed to nurture a creative seed versus the fortitude needed to share it with the world, the benefits of encouraging others, and what we can accomplish when we keep pushing past our comfort zones. I spoke with Billie Joe in his studio in Oakland, California.”