Rare Green Day Demo surfaces of Stay

1988 Gilman St demo of ‘Stay’ surfaces

A demo of the unreleased Green Day track ‘Stay’ was posted today by tape collector Todd Pritchard who has become known for surfacing these rare gems. Todd, who provided all the great content in our audio archive, had previously released a live version of the track which was recorded at the Berkeley Square in 1989.

This demo version of ‘Stay’ was recorded at 924 Gilman in October or November of 1988 according to Todd, back when the band were still known as Sweet Children. Another song recorded in the same session was  ‘Sweet Children’ with that audio surfacing on Turn It Around soundtrack, you can listen to it here.

The tracklist of the demo recorded at the Gilman session is not currently known, but Todd is teasing another release of rare Green Day demos next weekend so we may find out soon, stay tuned. As for now check out the newly surfaced ‘Stay’ recording and lyrics below courtesy of Todd’s YouTube channel.



I’ve got this feeling that’s coming over me
I’m feeling brighter I think that you can see
You’ve got a smile that lights up a fire
I hope you know that you’re my only desire

I love to listen to hear your tender voice
To take your hand your skin so soft and moist
You talk to me and it makes me feel brand new
Head over heels it seems so long I’ve known you

I love to listen to your whisper
To hear what you say
This thing I feel is growing stronger
So please won’t you stay?

Look in my eyes and tell me what you find
Such passion burning I know it’s of one kind
I’ll write a letter and send it to you with love
I’d like to know what all your thoughts are made of

A gentle kiss and then I wonder why
You’ve dried the tears of so many years I’ve cried
A man in motion when I think of us
Hold you again is one thing that I must