7″ Vinyl Box Set

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Release Date: September 15, 2009
Labels: Lookout! Records / Reprise Records

Notes: Box set of new and re-released 7″ vinyl EPs & singles.


Record 01: Going To Pasalacqua
A: Going To Pasalacqua / Road To Acceptance
B: Disappearing Boy

Record 02: Slappy EP
A: Paper Lanterns / Why Do You Want Him?
B: 409 In Your Coffeemaker / Knowledge

Record 03: 1,000 Hours EP
A: 1,000 Hours / Dry Ice
B: Only Of You / The One I Want

Record 04: 2000 Light Years Away)
A: 2000 Light Years Away / Welcome To Paradise
B: Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? / Welcome To Paradise (live)

Record 05: Christie Road
A: Christie Road / One Of My Lies
B: One For The Razorbacks / One Of My Lies (live)

Record 06: Sweet Children EP
A: Sweet Children / Best Thing In Town
B: Strangeland / My Generation

Record 07: Longview
A: Longview/ Welcome To Paradise
B: Coming Clean/ Chump (Live from Jannus Landing)

Record 8: Basket Case
A: Basket Case / When I Come Around
B: Having A Blast / When I Come Around (live)

Record 09: Geek Stink Breath
A: Geek Stink Breath / Stuck With Me
B: 86

Record 10: Brain Stew / Jaded
A: Brain Stew / Jaded / Walking Contradiction
B: Brain Stew / Jaded (live) / No Pride

Record 11: J.A.R.
A: J.A.R.
B: Emenius Sleepus

Record 12: Hitchin’ A Ride
A: Hitchin’ A Ride / Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
B: Scattered / Uptight

Record 13: Redundant
A: Redundant / Nice Guys Finish Last
B: Prosthetic Head / Nice Guys Finish Last (live)

Record 14: Minority
A: Minority / Warning
B: Hold On / Outsider

Record 15: Waiting
A: Waiting / Macy’s Day Parade
B: Fashion Victim / Castaway

Record 16: Desensitized
A: Desensitized / Do Da Da
B: Scumbag / Suffocate

Record 17: The Network
A: Joe Robot / Money Money 2020
B: Roshambo

Record 18: American Idiot
A: American Idiot / Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
B: She’s A Rebel / Shoplifter

Record 19: Holiday
A: Holiday/ Wake Me Up When September Ends
B: Letterbomb / Governator

Record 20: Foxboro Hot Tubs – Mother Mary EP
A: Mother Mary
B: She’s A Saint Not A Celebrity

Record 21: Know Your Enemy
A: Know Your Enemy
B: 21 Guns