Handwritten Lyrics

This is a collection of Billie Joe Armstrong’s handwritten song lyrics gathered over the years. The lyric sheets were collected from his former girlfriend, documentaries and an exhibit from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame.

Image Credits:

Arica Pelino (Billie’s former girlfriend) – Why Do You Want Him, Paper Lanterns, When You’re Near, Green Day, Christie Road, Stay, The One I Want, Welcome To Paradise.

Mary Rosenblatt – Goodnight New York

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (submitted by Todd Pritchard) – American Idiot, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Minority 

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (submitted by SpiderUnicornMoose) – Jesus Of Suburbia

Quatro Documentary (submitted by Todd Pritchard) – See You Tonight, Unknown Trilogy Verse, State Of Shock, Carpe Diem, Missing You, Loss Of Control, Let Yourself Go, Lazy Bones, Kill The DJ, X-Kid, Wild One, Gabriella, Sex Drugs & Violence, 8th Avenue Serenade, Dirty Rotten Bastards