Money Money 2020 Pt II Sessions


Summer 2020


OTIS [?] (Oakland, CA)


Billie Joe (as Fink – guitar, vocals)
Mike Dirnt (as Van Gough – bass, vocals)
Tre Cool (as The Snoo – drums, vocals)
Jason White (as Balducci – guitar)
Chris Dugan (as Z – keyboards)
Unknown (as Cpt. Underpants – keytar)


Producer: The Network
Engineer: The Network
Mixing: Chris Dugan
Mastering: Chris Dugan


Key: [O] Officially released | [U] Unofficially released | [X] Unreleased

[O] The Prophecy [Van Gough]
[O] Theory Of Reality [Fink]
[O] Trans Am [The Snoo]
[O] Asphyxia [The Snoo]
[O] Fentanyl [Fink]
[O] Ivankkka Is A Nazi [Fink]
[O] Digital Black [Van Gough]
[O] Flat Earth [The Snoo]
[O] Degenerate [Fink]
[O] Pizzagate [Instrumental]
[O] Carolina’s Ultimate Netflix Tweet [Fink]
[O] Respirator [The Snoo]
[O] Squatter In My Flat [The Snoo]

[O] That’s How They Get You [The Snoo]
[O] Tarantula [Van Gough]
[O] Cancer Is The New Black [Fink]
[O] The Stranger [The Snoo]
[O] Hey Elon [The Snoo]
[O] Popper Punk [Fink]
[O] Jerry Falwell’s Pool Party [Fink]
[O] Heard Immunity [Van Gough]
[O] Time Capsule [Van Gough]
[O] Threat Level Midnight [Fink]
[O] Amnesia Vegabond [Van Gough]
[O] Art Of The Deal With The Devil [Fink]



Album was recorded in the unexpected downtime the band had due to the cancellation of their summer tour plans amid the COVID pandemic.

‘Art Of The Deal With The Devil’ was originally recorded in the Father Of All… sessions but was a late cut from that album.

Aside from ‘Art Of The Deal With The Devil’, six other songs were left off of Father Of All. It is speculated that some of the Fink (aka Billie Joe) songs on this album are those leftover songs.

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