Kerplunk Demo Session


May, 1991


Art of Ears (San Francisco, CA)


Billie Joe – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Dirnt – Bass, Vocals
Tre Cool – Drums


Producer: Green Day, Andy Ernst
Engineer: Andy Ernst
Mastering: John Golden


Key: [O] Officially released | [U] Unofficially released | [X] Unreleased

[X] One for the Razorbacks [Likely]
[X] Christie Road [Likely]
[X] Private Ale [Likely]
[X] Android [Likely]
[X] Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? [Likely]
[X] Words I Might Have Ate [Likely]


Lawrence Livermore (Lookout! Records): “I’d been bugging Billie, Mike, and Tre about coming up with something new since the spring of 1991, when I all but ordered them into the studio to record some demos. It turned out they had only enough material for half an album, and while the songs were good, they were less than fully formed.”

Lawrence Livermore (Lookout! Records): “They recorded an earlier version of half the songs on Kerplunk, about six months before the actual recording, but at that point abandoned the project because they (and we as their record label) realized that it wasn’t really ready to be an album yet. I’m sure those recordings are out there somewhere, but they’re basically just less-tight versions of the songs that ended up on the album. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to them.”

Sources & Credits

  1. Todd – date, set, notes