01-02-1994'Longview' is released as a single from Dookie
01-02-1994Green Day release Dookie, their third studio album
01-02-2004Green Day release their cover of 'I Fought The Law' as a digital single
01-02-2010Green Day release their Grammy Awards performance of '21 Guns' with the broadway musical cast of American Idiot as a digital single
02-02-1998Green Day perform a 6 song set on BBC Session
02-02-2001Green Day perform 'Warning' on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
02-02-2005Green Day perform 'Holiday' on Top Of The Pops
06-02-2021Green Day perform 'Still Breathing', 'Holiday' & 'Basket Case' on the 10th Annual NFL Honours
07-02-2020'Meet Me On The Roof' is released as a single from Father Of All Motherfuckers
07-02-2020Green Day perform 'Oh Yeah' on The Ellen Show
07-02-2020Green Day perform a 12 song set on the iHeartRadio broadcast Father Of All Motherfuckers release party
07-02-2020Green Day release Father Of All Motherfuckers, their 13th studio album.
08-02-1999Dookie is certified Diamond in the US (10 million units)
08-02-2006Grammy Awards: Record of the Year - 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' (Won)
09-02-1995Dookie is certified 6x Multi-Platinum in the US (6 million units)
09-02-2005BRIT Awards: Best International Group (Nominated)
09-02-2005Green Day perform 'American Idiot' on the BRIT Awards
10-02-2008Grammy Awards: Best Rock Performance - 'Working Class Hero' (Nominated)
10-02-2020Green Day perform 'Oh Yeah' on Good Morning America
10-02-2020Green Day perform 'Oh Yeah' on The Late Late Show with James Corden
11-02-2001Tre and Claudia's son, Frankito Wright, is born
11-02-2007Grammy Awards: Best Rock Performance - 'The Saints Are Coming' (Nominated)
12-02-2013'X-Kid' is released as a single from ¡Tre!
13-02-2005Grammy Awards: Best Rock Album - American Idiot (Won), Album of the Year - American Idiot (Nominated), Record of the Year - American Idiot (Nominated), Best Rock Performance - 'American Idiot' (Nominated), Best Rock Song - 'American Idiot' (Nominated), Best Music Video Short Form - 'American Idiot' (Nominated)
13-02-2005Green Day perform 'American Idiot' at the 47th Grammy Awards
13-02-2011Grammy Awards: Best Musical Theatre Album - American Idiot Original Broadway Cast Recording (Won)
14-02-2006BRIT Awards: Best International Group (Won), Best International Album - American Idiot (Won)
15-02-2005Green Day perform the entire American Idiot album to be aired on VH1 Storytellers
15-02-2011Mike Dirnt's side project The Frustrators release the Griller EP
17-02-1972Billie Joe Armstrong is born in Piedmont, California
17-02-2005American Idiot is certified 3x Multi-Platinum in the US (3 million units)
17-02-201121st Century Breakdown is certified Platinum in the US (1 million units)
19-02-1996BRIT Awards: Best International Group (Nominated)
19-02-1998Green Day perform 'Good Riddance', 'Hitchin A Ride', 'Prosthetic Head' & 'Basket Case' on MTV Supersonic
20-02-2021'Here Comes The Shock' is released as a digital single
21-02-2020Green Day release Live At The Whisky EP
23-02-2000Grammy Awards: Best Rock Instrumental Performance - Espionage (Nominated)
23-02-2001Green Day perform 'Blood, Sex And Booze' & 'Warning' on MADtv
24-02-1994Green Day perform in-store at Virgin Megastore in Costa Mesa, CA
25-02-1996Green Day perform 'Brain Stew' on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
25-02-1997Billie Joe's side project Pinhead Gunpowder release Goodbye Ellston Avenue
26-02-1997Grammy Awards: Best Short Form Music Video - Walking Contradiction (Nominated)
27-02-1996Insomniac is certified 2x Multi-Platinum in the US (2 million units)
27-02-2021Green Day's side project The Network performs 'Threat Level Midnight' on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
28-02-1995Billie and Adrienne's son, Joseph Marciano Armstrong, is born
28-02-2020Green Day cancel nine tour dates in Asia as the COVID epidemic begins to spread throughout the world