Woodstock 1994 concert

In one of their most infamous concerts, Green Day play Woodstock’s 25th Anniversary concert on August 14, 1994, at Winston Farm in Saugerties, NY. The band would make it through 8 full songs before a massive mud fight that had been ramping up throughout the set culminated during Paper Lanterns when Billie Joe began fighting back.

Going into it I thought that the nostalgia reasons behind the show were kind of a joke. So we went in thinking ‘This is lame’. But then it turned into something completely unexpected. To tell you the truth, it was the closest thing to total chaos I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

– Billie Joe Armstrong


  1. Welcome To Paradise
  2. One Of My Lies
  3. Chump
  4. Longview
  5. Basket Case
  6. When I Come Around
  7. Burnout
  8. F.O.D.
  9. Paper Lanterns

Video Credit: YouTube

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