Brixton Academy concert

Green Day perform at Brixton Academy in London, England on September 20, 1995, in the first of back to back shows at the venue. Show took place 20 days prior to the release of Insomniac. For the first 40 seconds of the video, the screen is black before the camera angle is adjusted.


  1. Welcome To Paradise
  2. Burnout
  3. Chump
  4. Longview
  5. Stuck With Me
  6. Geek Stink Breath
  7. 2000 Light Years Away
  8. Knowledge
  9. Basket Case
  10. She
  11. Coming Clean
  12. F.O.D.
  13. Paper Lanterns
  14. All By Myself (encore)
  15. Dominated Love Slave (encore)
  16. When I Come Around (encore)
  17. Jaded (encore)

Video Credit: YouTube