American Idiot: VH1 Storytellers

Filmed on February 15th, 2005 in Culver City, CA, this episode of VH1’s Storytellers originally aired on April 2nd, 2005. In front of an intimate studio audience, Green Day perform all of the tracks off of American Idiot and tell the stories behind the music, writing experiences and recording memories.


  1. American Idiot
  2. Jesus Of Suburbia
  3. Holiday
  4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  5. Are We The Waiting
  6. St. Jimmy
  7. Give Me Novacaine
  8. She’s A Rebel
  9. Extraordinary Girl
  10. Letterbomb
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  12. Homecoming
  13. Whatsername

Video Credit: VH1